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Alan Squirrell retires after 32 outstanding years
From the Archives - The first ILAC Conference in 1977
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BIPM - World Metrology Day
WADA - Renewal of MoU between ILAC and WADA

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SWEDAC Informs India About Energy Efficiency
KAN Accreditation to Support Energy Management
The Importance of Energy Accreditation - KENAS
Development of Accreditation in the Gulf Region
Accreditation in Albania Is Moving Forward
PCA Poland Sampling Seminar
News from DAC Dubai
Better Accreditation Facility Needed to Boost Export - BAB
Research by CNAS China
IA Japan “Economic Benefit of Accreditation” Seminar
Expansion and Strengthening of OAA Argentina
News from South Africa - SANAS
TAF Accredited Civil Engineering Laboratories
Future of the Global Accreditation System - UKAS
News from ACCREDIA

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Eurachem Workshop on Quality in Analytical Measurements

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Chair's Message

In response to the recommendation of the ILAC Laboratory Committee, the ILAC General Assembly members voted overwhelmingly to initiate a new work item proposal (NWIP) to revise ISO/IEC 17025:2005.  The Executive Committee with the critical support of the Secretariat is expected to complete the task shortly after its mid-year meeting.  The NWIP would then be considered for adoption by the ISO Conformity Assessment Policy Committee (CASCO) up to a year before ISO/IEC 17025 would be due for review in 2015. 

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Alan Squirrell retires after 32 outstanding years

The end of 2013 marked the conclusion of a 32 year journey for Alan Squirrell.  Alan, whose contributions to accreditation stretched across several continents and touched on many lives, was honoured at a presentation in the Sydney office conducted by Annette Dever, ILAC Secretary.

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From the Archives - The first ILAC Conference in 1977

The Co-Founders of ILAC Howard I. Forman and Per Lund Thoft in action at the first ILAC conference held in Copenhagen in 1977.
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ILAC Secretariat Update
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Committee Meetings in Kyoto
by Yoshinobu Uematsu, JAB

The ILAC Marketing and Communications Committee (MCC), IAF Communications Marketing Committee (CMC) and Joint Communication meetings were recently held in Kyoto, Japan over three days from 5-7 February 2014 hosted by IAJapan and JAB.

The participating organizations were ACCREDIA, ACLASS/ANAB, A2LA, CNAS, DANAK, IIOC, ILAC, JIPDEC, KAB, NATA, PAC, TAF, UKAS, IAJapan, and JAB.

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BIPM - World Metrology Day
Measurements and the global energy challenge
by Andy Henson, Director, International Liaison & Communication Department

We are pleased to announce that the 2014 World Metrology Day Web Site is now live: (click here)

The theme this year is "Measurements and the global energy challenge".

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by Laurent Charlet, ISO/CASCO secretariat
Like in the previous years, the work of the ISO committee on conformity assessment (CASCO) was intensive in 2013.  Five international standards and technical specifications were published, including 2 new parts to ISO/IEC 17021 (requirements for certification bodies doing audit of management systems) on competence requirements for auditors in event sustainability and quality managements systems.
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AFRAC First Peer Evaluations
  • Kenya Accreditation Service (KENAS) Pre-Peer Evaluation: 26–30 AUGUST 2013
  • Tunisia Accreditation Council (TUNAC) Peer Evaluation: 12–16 DECEMBER 2013 
  • Egyptian Accreditaiton Council (EGAC) Peer Evaluation: 1–6 FEBRUARY 2014  
  • AFRAC’s Planned Pre & Peer Evaluations for 2014 

(Peer Evaluators at the opening meeting of the KENAS Pre-Peer Evaluation)

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by Michael and Janet
  • APLAC Membership 
  • APLAC 2013 GA Week
  • APLAC General Assembly 2014
  • Training Courses
  • APLAC and ILAC

(APLAC General Assembly, Da Nang, Vietman - September 2013)

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SWEDAC Informs India About Energy Efficiency
Swedish Board for Accreditation and Conformity Assessment (SWEDAC)
  • Swedac in India to Inform about energy efficiency: Swedac participated at a conference in India to inform about energy efficiency together with the Swedish Energy Agency and SP (Technical Institute of Sweden).  Swedac was represented by Elisabeth Leu.  A delegation from the Swedish Energy Agency, SP and Swedac visited Hyderabad in India to participate in the conference “Energy Efficiency Summit”.
  • Swedac leads a multimillion project in the Agadir region sponsored by Sida: Sida (Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency) has decided to give Swedac the mission to lead a four-year long technical assistance project in the Agadir region.  The aim is to enhance the free trade within the region and globally.

(The purpose of energy management systems is to save energy.  Photo: Mikael Ljungström)

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KAN Accreditation to Support Energy Management
National Accreditation Body of Indonesia (KAN)
Industrial development has had an important role in the economic growth of Indonesia. This sector consumes the largest portion of energy, e.g. in 2011 it was about 37.7%, followed by transportation 33.3% and household 10.2% of 836 barrel of oil equivalent in total. On the other hand, the energy supply mostly (about 95% in the same year) comes from fossil fuel sources, including oil, natural gas and coal, thus producing significant greenhouse gases.

(A visit by KAN Chairman to a testing Laboratory for natural gases - 1 April 2013)
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Eurachem Workshop on Quality in Analytical Measurements

The Eurachem is organising an international workshop on “Quality in Analytical Measurements” to be held in Lisbon on Monday 19 to Wednesday 21 May 2014. This workshop will cover the most challenging technical details of the analytical process, including the chemical description of the analytical problem, producing measurements with adequate traceability and uncertainty, interpreting results based on objective evidence and reporting results to the client. The workshop will include invited lectures, short communications, poster sessions and breakout sessions. This event will also celebrate the 25th Anniversary of Eurachem. 

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