An EA brochure throws light on regulating challenges of accreditation

An ad hoc task force group of the EA Communications and Publications Committee (CPC) has just finalized a new brochure entitled Accreditation: A Tool to Support Regulators.

Led by Francesca Nizzero and Gianluca Di Giulio who represent ACCREDIA, the Italian national accreditation body, within the CPC, this TFG worked out a comprehensive brochure promoting the added value of accreditation among national regulators. The objectives were to prove how accreditation shall be seen as a service for the European and international Community, demonstrating compliance with specified requirements for competence, independence and impartiality in conformity assessment.

The brochure puts an emphasis on the international agreements that allow the European and global recognition of reports and certificates issued by accredited conformity assessment bodies through the signatory status of national accreditation bodies to the EA Multilateral Agreement (MLA) and the ILAC/IAF MRA/MLA.

Finally it is explained how advantages for regulators and governments result in benefits for businesses across all sectors by boosting efficiency, reducing controls and supporting export, as well as for consumers by protecting their interests in various areas (health, food, environment, etc.) and creating trust.

To get caught up at the exciting accreditation world, please read the full brochure available from the EA online Media Centre at:

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