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IAF Chair's Message
Secretariat Report
UNECE Trade Recommendations Reference Accreditation
Strong Progress on IAF Database
User Advisory Committee Update
3P-EVP – Third Party Effectiveness Verification Program
IAF Technical Committee Task Force OH&SMS for the Development of a new IAF-MD Based on the Mandatory Document EA-3/13 M
IQNet: The Value of the Implementation and Certification of Management Systems International Standards
Protecting and Promoting French Know-How: from Now on Manufactured Goods Are Eligible for Protected Indication
ANSI’s Vice President of Accreditation Services Presents at GFSI Conference
Original Exhibition in PCA
Philippines Celebrates World Accreditation Day
BSCA: A Step Towards Harmonization
NABET Update
EGAC Update
ISO/IEC 17021-1:2015 Training Course for Mauritius Accreditation Service Assessors
DAC Makes Significant Progress on Regional & International Arenas in Q1
Innovating and Strengthening Areas in EMA
AFRAC Holds Training Workshop for its Peer Evaluators
ARAC Update
Highlights of the EA Certification Committee Meeting in March 2017
Many Decisions Taken to Enhance the EA Multilateral Agreement
Major milestones in EA and MLA scopes and standards at its 39th General Assembly

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ARAC Update
ARAC new membership

On 20  April 2017, the following Accreditation Bodies were accepted as new ARAB Accreditation Cooperation (ARAC) members:

•    Accreditation Affairs Section (KAAS), Public Authority for Industry (PAI), state of Kuwait, as ARAC Associate member
•    Emirates National Accreditation System (ENAS), Emirates Authority for Standardization & Metrology (ESMA), United Arab Emirates (UAE), as ARAC Full member

Following this acceptance, ARAC includes 17 members (12 Full members and 5 associates) covering 17 Arab countries.

ARAC Strategy 2016 - 2021

The ARAC Strategy 2016-2021 was approved by the General Assembly members as Administrative Document “ARAC AD 004” on 7 November 2016. An Executive Committee Strategy Session was conducted on 20 February 2017 in Dubai, UAE, in the margin of the ARAC Annual Meetings held from 19-23 February 2017.

As an output of this Strategy session, an implementation plan was prepared and each ARAC Committee Chair with their committee members began preparing their corresponding work plan based on the ARAC Strategy Implementation plan.

ILAC&IAF Evaluation of ARAC

As a first step in the IAF&ILAC Evaluation of ARAC, the IAF&ILAC Evaluation team members conducted the Evaluation of the ARAC Secretariat from 20-22 September 2016 in the ARAC offices.

As a follow-up of the evaluation of the ARAC Secretariat, the ILAC&IAF Peer evaluation team members witnessed three ARAC Peer evaluations and a MLA Group meeting.

ILAC&IAF Peer Evaluation Team and ARAC Team

ARAC Experienced Peer Evaluators Workshop

In the margin of its 5th Annual meeting, ARAC organized a workshop for the ARAC Experienced Peer Evaluators. The purpose of this workshop was:

•    Updating knowledge including highlighting the changes in the A-Series documents, tools and forms such as the report templates for the evaluations of the Accreditation Bodies
•    Information and discussion about the new and updated ARAC Peer evaluation process documentations and requirements
•    Information and discussion about the use of the new applicable ARAC forms during the Peer evaluations
•    A session on the writing of findings via the use of examples

More than 12 ARAC qualified Peer evaluators participated in this workshop, which was witnessed by the ILAC and IAF Peer evaluators.

participants at the ARAC Experienced Peer Evaluators Workshop

5th ARAC General Assembly and annual committees meetings

ARAC held very successfully its fifth Annual Meetings in Dubai, UAE from 19-23 February 2017. These meetings were witnessed by the ILAC&IAF Regional Peer evaluators within the framework of the ILAC&IAF evaluation of ARAC.

Significant achievements were made at these meetings, mainly the following:
•    There has been substantial growth in the ARAC MLA signatories, new members have joined and extended their MLA: The ARAC Jordanian Accreditation System JAS and the Dubai Accreditation Center DAC
•    Preparation of the ARAC Strategy 2016-2021 implementation plan
•    Preparation for the upcoming steps of the ILAC&IAF Peer evaluations
•    Starting the establishment of the ARAC Action plan to prepare for the new publication of the new version of the standard ISO/IEC 17011:2017
•    A great number of resolutions were adopted by the General Assembly members

Participants at the 5th ARAC GA meeting

ARAC Cooperation with the other Regional Cooperation Bodies

ARAC continues to work closely with the other Regional Cooperation Bodies to implement the Signed MoUs and to identify further areas for cooperation.

Upcoming ARAC key events

ARAC Mid-Term meetings

The future ARAC Mid-Term meetings will be held from 22-26 July 2017 in Tunisia.

The contact details of ARAC Secretariat are:
ARAC Secretariat
Email :
The new website address is:
Phone number: + 212 600 78 56 78