March 2018 IAF/ILAC Communications Committees Update

The most recent meeting of the IAF Communication & Marketing Committee, the ILAC Marketing & Communications Committee and the Joint meeting saw IAF and ILAC members work with members from the IAF Regional Accreditation Group IAAC – the Inter American Accreditation Cooperation. 


Meeting Chair UKAS’ Jon Murthy explains the importance of the meeting and the location. ‘Over the past couple of years, we have worked at moving the IAF and ILAC communications meetings to a variety of locations. By engaging with different regions of the accreditation community we achieve two key objectives. Firstly, we generate better input into the communications work with different perspectives from different IAF members in different geographies; secondly it enables the content IAF and ILAC generate to be clearly understood and used by all IAF and ILAC members’.


The meeting hosted by Argentinian accreditation body OAA addressed a number of key issues. These included the development of new content for and, the websites vital in showcasing the benefits of accreditation, certification and standards. The group also looked at ideas for the 2019 World Accreditation Day, following the 2018 World Accreditation Day theme of Accreditation – delivering a safer World for 09 June 2018


The 2017 announcement of the development of the IAF database of accredited management system certificates gave the communications group a new area of activity. This meant examining the communications needed to support the database, delivering a vital tool for certified organisations to demonstrate to a wider audience their certification.


Jon concludes, ‘Communications plays an essential role in ensuring the value of accreditation is understood as widely as possible. Working with colleagues from across the full IAF membership - such as IAAC - will help further spread the message of the benefits it delivers.’


Joint IAF Communications & Marketing and ILAC Marketing & Communications Committees hosted by Argentinian accreditation body OAA at the IAAC meetings