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IAF Chair's Message
Secretariat Report
UNECE Trade Recommendations Reference Accreditation
Strong Progress on IAF Database
User Advisory Committee Update
3P-EVP – Third Party Effectiveness Verification Program
IAF Technical Committee Task Force OH&SMS for the Development of a new IAF-MD Based on the Mandatory Document EA-3/13 M
IQNet: The Value of the Implementation and Certification of Management Systems International Standards
Protecting and Promoting French Know-How: from Now on Manufactured Goods Are Eligible for Protected Indication
ANSI’s Vice President of Accreditation Services Presents at GFSI Conference
Original Exhibition in PCA
Philippines Celebrates World Accreditation Day
BSCA: A Step Towards Harmonization
NABET Update
EGAC Update
ISO/IEC 17021-1:2015 Training Course for Mauritius Accreditation Service Assessors
DAC Makes Significant Progress on Regional & International Arenas in Q1
Innovating and Strengthening Areas in EMA
AFRAC Holds Training Workshop for its Peer Evaluators
ARAC Update
Highlights of the EA Certification Committee Meeting in March 2017
Many Decisions Taken to Enhance the EA Multilateral Agreement
Major milestones in EA and MLA scopes and standards at its 39th General Assembly

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Original Exhibition in PCA
Polish Centre for Accreditation (PCA) accreditation activity became the leitmotiv of graphics drawn by artist Szczepan Sadurski. This series of original drawings has been presented at PCA premises in Warsaw since May.

As a result of cooperation between PCA and the artist, 15 graphics were drawn. They show and comment on, in a humorous way, the scope of activity performed by PCA accredited laboratories and certification bodies, including the construction environment, safety of toys, safety of food, welding specialists, medical examinations and deck devices in airplanes. The cartoon convention makes the idea of accreditation more attractive and shows quite a difficult subject in a more accessible way.

The exhibition informs consumers that accreditation covers a wide range of areas and many of the products or services they encounter on a daily basis either directly or indirectly affect their safety, such as:
•    ropes used by mountain climbers (their strength is checked in accredited laboratories)
•    toys (safety of children is guaranteed through tests conducted by accredited laboratories)
•    equipment on board airplanes (efficiency that guarantees passenger safety is ensured by accredited calibration laboratories)
•    bricks used for the construction of public buildings (safety of buildings is ensured by accredited laboratories and certification bodies)

In the context of information and promotion activity, the drawings will be used in many promotional channels, such as:

•    within media relations, e.g. illustrations for press kits
•    within internal communication
•    social media content (e.g. #piatekwPCA)
•    an exhibition in PCA premises (inside the building and on the railing outside, printed in large format on weather-resistant foams)
•    on advertising gadgets (e.g. business cards’ cases, key rings, mouse pads)
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