Decision to Establish an IAF Database of Accredited Management Systems Certifications

IAF members made a historic decision that will probably be regarded in the future as a watershed moment. On 30 October 2017, the IAF General Assembly members voted affirmatively to proceed with the development of an IAF Database of Accredited Management Systems Certificates.


This was a very carefully considered decision. The stimulus for this started with a proposal by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) to develop a database of management systems certifications. When ISO abandoned this project in 2014, the idea was tabled at IAF. A small task force within IAF worked a year to formulate 14 principles upon which to base a database; IAF members approved the set of principles by ballot in December 2015. Upon approval of the principles, a Database Management Committee (IAF DMC) was formed following a call for nominations from amongst all IAF members. The IAF DMC took two years to explore the feasibility and merits of the proposal, explore potential suppliers, manage a tender and presented the business case to members in advance of the IAF General Assembly held in Vancouver in October.


This historic decision now gives the IAF DMC the authority to undertake the work to create the database. The DMC is already hard at work to deliver this on behalf of IAF members and on behalf of global stakeholders (accreditation bodies, certification bodies, certified organizations and users of accredited certification) of accredited management systems certification. A new Limited Liability Company, wholly-owned by IAF, is being formed and will be responsible for oversight of the database. This new body will be contracting with a provider possessing the qualifications and expertise in the information technology space for the development and operation of the database. This should be accomplished before the end of 2017 with a goal that the database will be available before the end of 2018.