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News from PAC

The third joint annual meetings of The Pacific Accreditation Cooperation (PAC) and the Asia Pacific Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation (APLAC) were held in Chinese Taipei, from 11– 18 June 2016. The meetings were hosted by the Taiwan Accreditation Foundation (TAF).

At the meetings, PAC bid farewell to Mr Brett Abraham who completed his term as PAC Chair, and Ms Belinda Mort.  A plaque was presented to Brett during the official dinner, in appreciation of his leadership and contributions to PAC, and to Belinda for her dedicated services as PAC Secretary over the many years.

At the PAC Plenary, Ms Chang Kwei Fern from the Singapore Accreditation Council (SAC) was elected as the new PAC Chair. Mr Reinaldo Figueiredo from American National Standards Institute (ANSI) was elected as a new member of the PAC Executive Committee.

PAC will be appointing GED Advisory as the new Secretariat, primarily lead by Mr Graeme Drake who has formerly held secretary positions of the ISO Committee on Conformity Assessment (ISO/CASCO), the APEC Standards and Conformance Subcommittee (SCSC) and the Pacific Area Standards Congress (PASC).

For the PAC MLA activities, there has been substantial growth in the MLA signatories.  Two new members that have joined the PAC MLA are The National Accreditation Center of Iran (NACI) and International Organic Accreditation Service (IOAS). PAC has also established its MLA program for certification of Persons.

As of 17 June, PAC has the following MLAs:

QMS:   19 members (new member is NACl)

EMS:   17 members (new member is BoA)

FSMS: 12 (new members are KAB, NSC)

ISMS:  4 (new member is CNAS)

Product: 20 (new members are DAC, IOAS)

GHG:   6 (new member is SLAB)

Persons: 3 (new members are ANSI, IAS, KAN)

Following the Joint General Assemblies (JGA), a new era of cooperation between PAC and APLAC will commence.  There was consensus at the JGA to pursue the formation of a new regional body for accreditation in the Asia Pacific region to advance the objectives of both organisations. This key milestone is the culmination of several years of partnership and close collaboration between PAC and APLAC.

PAC will be embarking on a new exciting journey to advance its objective of facilitating trade and commerce among economies in the Asia Pacific region!

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