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Materials available for you to celebrate #WAD2017

June 9th 2017 marks World Accreditation Day (#WAD2017), a global initiative established by ILAC and IAF to promote the value of accreditation. This year’s theme focuses on how accreditation delivers confidence in construction and the built environment.


The Chairs of both organisations have released a joint statement to introduce the importance of the theme and how accreditation can support those working in the sector including building owners, operators, contractors, manufacturers, designers, architects, and structural and civil engineers. It also sets out how accreditation is used by policy makers, local authorities and regulators to support construction-based regulation, environmental protection, public safety, fraud prevention, public trust and innovation. A brochure has also been produced to include examples from around the world to demonstrate how accredited testing, inspection and certification is being used to provide suppliers, purchasers and specifiers with assurance that construction projects run efficiently, construction sites are safe and reliable materials are used.

An online image has also been created to show the impact and extent that accreditation has in the construction sector and the built environment.



The Public Sector Assurance website, jointly created by global quality infrastructure organisations, contains further examples and research to demonstrate the value that accreditation plays in this sector.

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