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World Accreditation Day 2015 - Accreditation: Supporting the Delivery of Health and Social Care

June 9th 2015 will mark World Accreditation Day 2015 (#WAD2015) which focuses on the support accreditation provides in the delivery of health and social care.

Health and social care have the same goals as virtually all sectors, striving to deliver services that fulfill a balance of quality, economic, social and environmental needs, all ultimately aiming for excellence. Health and social care’s excellence is driven by the need to provide assurance and confidence to patients, families, regulators and health and social care providers.

Accreditation provides a key tool for health and social care providers in this delivery, from the accredited certification of healthcare providers and medical devices, to the accreditation of medical testing laboratories and diagnostic imaging services, to the inspection of social care providers. A growing number of case studies, independent research and supporting information from around the world, illustrating the value of accreditation in the health and social care sector, can be viewed on[1]

To support the major events, press campaigns, workshops and seminars that will take place in over 90 countries, IAF and ILAC have prepared the following poster:


To find out what is happening locally to you, please contact your local accreditation body for further details.

[1] is a joint website set up by ISO, ILAC, IAF, IIOC and IEC to help the public sector learn about the benefits of using conformity assessment.

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