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by Michael and Janet

APLAC Membership  
APLAC’s newest members are as follows: 

Full membership 

  • GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) Accreditation Center, (GAC), Gulf Region
  • Accreditation of Vietnam Joint Stock Company (AoV), Vietnam

 Associate membership 

  • Korea Testing Certification (KTC), Republic of Korea

APLAC now has 40 Full members and 10 Associate members.  Full details of our members can be found at APLAC’s website:  click here

APLAC 2013 GA Week

A very successful General Assembly and associated meetings for APLAC 2013 were held in Da Nang, Viet Nam from 1 -7 September 2013.  We express our thanks to Mr Vu Xuan Thuy and his staff for their fine efforts in ensuring the week of meetings and enjoyable social events ran very smoothly.  

It was pleasing to again have Ms Belinda Mort, the PAC Secretary, in attendance for the week of meetings.  

(APLAC General Assembly, Da Nang, Vietman - September 2013)

The APLAC MRA Council met on 11 and 12 September and we are pleased to advise that NABCB (India) was accepted into the APLAC MRA for ISO/IEC 17020. 

We are pleased to advise that the scopes of recognition of the following members were extended: 

  • TAF (Chinese Taipei) to include RMP;
  • Perry Johnson Laboratory Accreditation, Inc. (USA) to include RMP.

Congratulations also go the following members on the continuation of their scopes of recognition in the APLAC MRA:   

  • NSC-ONAC (Thailand) for testing, calibration and inspection;
  • PNAC (Pakistan) for testing and calibration;
  • ema (Mexico) for testing, calibration, ISO 15189, and inspection;
  • AIHA Laboratory Accreditation Programs, LLC (USA) for testing;
  • TAF (Chinese Taipei) for testing, calibration, ISO 15189 and inspection, and
  • Perry Johnson Laboratory Accreditation, Inc. (USA) for testing and calibration.

There are now 36 signatories to the APLAC MRA, including 33 for testing, 26 for calibration, 16 for inspection, 16 for ISO 15189 and 9 for RMP from 22 economies. 

Full details of the scopes of recognition for each of the APLAC MRA signatories can be found on the APLAC website:  click here

Elections were held for two positions on the Board of Management and we congratulate Mr Yoshinobu Uematsu of JAB, Japan, and Mr Yannapat Uthongsap of NSC-ONAC, Thailand, on their election, commencing 1 January 2014, for a two year term.  

Mrs Chomchailai Sinthusarn of BLQS-DMSc, Thailand, retired from the Board of Management at the end of 2013 and we thank her for her fine efforts during her term of office.  

The main issues arising from the General Assembly and other meetings were: 

  • elections of APLAC office bearers;
  • support for the appointment of a Quality Manager;
  • endorsement of funding for six proficiency testing schemes due for completion and six proficiency testing schemes due for commencement in 2014;
  • endorsement of the APLAC budget for 2014;
  • endorsement to conduct two training workshops in 2014.

APLAC General Assembly 2014 
A Joint APLAC General Assembly/PAC Plenary will be held in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico from 21 to 27 June 2014.   

As there is no mid-term 2014 meeting this will be the first Board of Management and MRA Council meeting since Da Nang, Viet Nam last September.  

The next mid-term meeting will be held in early January 2015.  The timing will be decided at the MRA Council meeting in Mexico. 

Training Courses 
Over the past twelve months APLAC has conducted several successful training courses and workshops. 

  • ISO/IEC 17020:2012 course in Hong Kong, China, hosted by HKAS, Hong Kong, China from 26 - 28 June 2013;
  • ISO 15189:2012 course in Bangkok, Thailand, hosted by BLQS-DMSc, Thailand from 9 - 11 July 2013;
  • Workshop on Reference Material Producer Accreditation in Tokyo, co-hosted by IAJapan and JAB from 18 - 20 November 2013. 

We thank all our hosts, presenters and facilitators for their fine efforts in making these activities so successful. 

Upcoming workshops and training courses are as follows: 

  • Workshop on medical laboratory accreditation against ISO 15189, to be held in Hong Kong, China, hosted by HKAS, from 3 - 5 September 2014;
  • Workshop on the best practice of implementing ISO/IEC 17011, to be held in Singapore, hosted by SAC with a date yet to be advised;
  • Evaluator training course in Ottawa, Canada from 21 - 23 July 2014;
  • Lead evaluator training course in Hong Kong, China, January 2015.  

APLAC and PAC continue to work together with PTB in the “Training Programme for New Members”.  Phase I was held during the meetings in Da Nang last September and Phase II was conducted from 13 - 17 January in Colombo, Sri Lanka.  There is no date yet for Phase III of this training.  

The ILAC evaluation team, led by Mauricio Soares of CGCRE, Brazil, assisted by Gokhan Birbil of TURKAK, Turkey and Laurent Vinson of COFRAC, France has provided APLAC with the draft report on the evaluation.  APLAC has responded to the team with details of the corrective actions and is working towards closing all the open findings.  It is envisaged that the final report will be ready to be tabled at the ILAC AMC meeting to be held at IAF/ILAC 2014 in October. 

The revised Memorandum of Understanding between APLAC and APMP was signed by Dr Peter Fisk and Mr Nigel Jou at the 29th APMP General Assembly held in Taipei, Chinese Taipei, November 2013. 

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