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Research by CNAS China
CNAS’ research on accreditation of pressure vessel failure analysis inspection bodies

CNAS has conducted a series of research on the accreditation of failure analysis bodies. CNAS is going to issue Guidance on Accreditation of Pressure Vessel Failure Analysis Bodies and Guidance on the Application of Inspection Body Competence Accreditation Criteria in the Field of Pressure Vessel Failure Analysis.

Failure analysis is a comprehensive analysis of the properties of metallic materials. For the metallic material inspection bodies, failure analysis is the best way to demonstrate the capability of the inspection bodies. Consequently, the accreditation demand of failure analysis inspection bodies is growing,

In order to perform appropriate accreditation assessment of failure analysis bodies for determining their ability, CNAS has arranged a research project on the accreditation of pressure vessel failure analysis. Participants of this research project are technical assessors and experts in the field of failure analysis. Based on the study of some typical examples of failure analysis bodies, the project has analyzed the failure analysis process, and quality control in the process, and the testing competence which affects failure analysis detection capabilities. Competence demonstration of the personnel evaluating comprehensive analysis has also been researched. Outcome of this project includes Guidance on Accreditation of Pressure Vessel Failure Analysis Bodies, Guidance on the Application of Inspection Body Competence Accreditation Criteria in the Field of Pressure Vessel Failure Analysis, and Work Instruction for internal use.

These assessment documents stipulate that applicant shall meet the requirements on operation performance, personnel qualifications and comprehensive technical requirements before the accreditation application is accepted. The comprehensive support of testing conditions to failure analysis, requirements on the experience and competence of key staff and personnel evaluating analysis has also been specified.

Currently, CNAS has just completed the requirements for the assessment process in the field of pressure vessel failure analysis and accredited three relevant inspection bodies. There are some bodies now in the process of preparing for accreditation application. In order to meet the growing demand for accreditation, CNAS will extend inspection accreditation scope to mechanical components etc. by conducting a series of research.


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