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Accreditation in Albania Is Moving Forward
Directorate of Accreditation (DA) Accreditation Activities in Albania
by Majlinda Xhema, Development Department

DA pointed positive index on number of accreditations and applications

Accreditation in Albania is moving forward, step by step in the right direction. The year 2013 has been very positive for the activities regarding accreditation. 

15 accreditations have been granted by the Directorate of Accreditation; nine for inspection body, one for certification body and the others for testing laboratories. In total the number of accredited conformity assessment bodies is 33 from which 19 testing laboratories, 2 certification body and  12 inspection bodies. Actually in Albania the fields with the largest number of accredited continue to remain the testing laboratories especially in construction area. Meanwhile the application and accreditation of inspection bodies from 2011 continues to increased, fields with the largest number of accredited inspection bodies are pressure vessels. 

DA is also encouraging the medical testing laboratories to seek accreditation and in this context an application by a hospital was submitted in January 2014 . 

Previously, the DA formed a technical committee for medical laboratories with the task of developing documentation for accreditation of medical laboratory according to the ISO 15189. 

Our internal and external assessors, of technical and management system increased in progressive way the level and technique of assessment. This thing was present in the level of findings during the assessment of Conformity Assessment Bodies and therefore in level in self request of one laboratory or inspection body for achieving the requirements of respective standard.    

Transparency in work is an DA characteristic, and all the relevant accreditation-related information can be found at DA  web portal: click here.


DA holds a successful event for all accredited organizations

The General Directorate of Accreditation (DA) hosted on 25 February 2014 a round-table for  laboratories, inspection and certification bodies. The event took place at the premises of the Ministry of Economic Development Trade and Entrepreneurship in Tirana and the opening speech was made by  Mr.Armond Halebi, General Director of the DA.

The aim of this activity was to provide a platform for delegates to exchange experiences on problems in the work of accredited bodies and involve all interested parties in creating the system of accreditation in the Albania that tends to meet the requirements of all users. 

In his opening remarks and presentation, Mr.Halebi  explained DA objectives and introduced its plan to develop some of the activities in order to promote the accreditation. As we know, the accreditation is one of the most effective ways for various organizations to regularly and consistently examine and improve the quality of their work and service CABs and other interested parties by promoting the importance and role of accreditation in conformity.

Also included in this discussion was the selection of CAB’s representative on the Advisory Board of DA, the new documentation (standards, guides) published by ILAC/IAF, EA, and reflected also in the DA documentation. 

The event was also highly appreciated by the participating parties as a successful experience sharing opportunity, which opened the door to closer cooperation between DA and CAB’s. 

All parties in attendance agreed to continue with this form of experience sharing in the future, taking into consideration the results from this activity.

The DA round up in training for Proficiency Testing the testing laboratories and technical expert

The General Directorate of Accreditation has organized in December 2013 the training courses for Proficiency Testing (PT) for testing laboratories that would like to assess their performance. The goal of training programmes is to demonstrate that participating to proficiency tests Proficiency Testing leads to improved quality of analytical results. The results from Proficiency Testing are of crucial interest for laboratories as these provide clear information of its testing capabilities. 25 people from various laboratories technical expert and DA staff participated in the training organized by General Directorate of Accreditation.

During 2013 were developed and operated 13 Proficiency testing activities, 5 of them were organised by DA and 8 Proficiency Testing schemes were organized in framework of European Project. About 30 laboratories accredited and non-accredited have participated in the 5 Proficiency Tests organized by DA.  The presentation of the results of these proficiency testing was the goal of this training.

The General Directorate of Accreditation in order to assist the laboratories publishes on its website continuous information on Proficiency Testing and Inter-laboratory Comparisons provided by European and international bodies. 

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