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ILAC Secretariat Update
by Annette Dever, ILAC Secretary

World Accreditation Day

The theme for World Accreditation Day to be celebrated on June 9th 2014 is Accreditation: Delivering confidence in the provision of energy.  A joint statement from the Chairs of ILAC and IAF, as well as promotional materials for use in the celebrations are available from World Accreditation 2014 (click here) . A short promotional video is available from World Accreditation Day video (click here).

As in previous years, the day will be celebrated across the world with the hosting of major national events, seminars, and press and media coverage, to communicate the value of accreditation to Government, Regulators, leaders of the business community and consumers.

To find out what is happening locally to you, please contact your local accreditation body (click here) for further details.


The ILAC Arrangement 

As at 7 April 2014, there were 85 Signatories (Full Members) to the ILAC Arrangement, representing 70 economies. Full details on the signatories and the use of the ILAC MRA to promote the acceptance of calibration, test and inspection results from laboratories and inspection bodies accredited by the signatories to the ILAC MRA is available from the ILAC website (click here) 

New ILAC website 

ILAC is in the process of developing a new website. This project is currently progressing well and the website developers are finalising the structure of the new website in preparation for the transfer of the information and testing phases. 

The website includes several new features that will improve the availability of information, such as: 

  • a dedicated search for the signatories to the ILAC MRA;
  • consolidation of the information on the signatories to the ILAC MRA to one page from the current 3 pages;
  • a specific area for regulators and users of the ILAC MRA;
  • link to the directories of accredited proficiency testing providers and reference material producers where available in addition to the current links to accredited laboratories and inspection bodies; and
  • links to social media addresses, eg twitter, facebook, youtube, linkedin, and news or RSS feeds for Full members of ILAC; 

In addition an on-line commenting and voting system is being developed. This will improve the efficiency of these processes for both the members and the Secretariat.

ILAC publications

The new brochures Accreditation: Facilitating world trade and The Route to Signing the IAF or ILAC Arrangements as well as a Fact sheet: Specifying accreditation in Regulation are available from the brochures page of the ILAC Website (click here)

In addition, two new publications have recently been added to the members area of the ILAC website. The Global Accreditation System provides information on the role and structure of ILAC and IAF as well as information on the way the committees work and the obligations of members to ensure ILAC and IAF meet their objectives. The Social Media Guide provides simple guidelines, drawn from the experience of those members of ILAC and IAF that have established a successful online presence, to help accreditation bodies less experienced in this arena to build relationships and promote accreditation with customers, regulators and stakeholders and at the same time avoid the potential pitfalls.

ILAC Meetings 

The annual meetings for 2013 were hosted by our colleagues from the Korean Agency for Technology and Standards (KATS) – (Korea Laboratory Accreditation Scheme (KOLAS) & Korea Accreditation System (KAS) & Korea Accreditation Board (KAB)) in Seoul, Korea between 16 and 25 October 2013. The meetings were very productive and saw the continuation in the positive feedback received from members in relation to the Orientation Session, which was specifically designed to provide information about the structure and operation of ILAC and IAF, for new members and new delegates. The orientation session was well attended and there was good interaction between the ILAC and IAF Chairs and the audience. After two successful sessions this meeting has now become a standard feature in the program for the annual meetings. 

Special thanks go to our all of our colleagues from KATS, KOLAS, KAS and KAB, for the excellent facilities and arrangements provided throughout the meetings. 

The ILAC Marketing and Communications Committee (MCC) held its first meeting for 2014 in conjunction with the IAF CMC on 5, 6 and 7 February in Kyoto. The Accreditation Committee (AIC), Laboratory Committee (LC) and the Proficiency Testing Working Group (PTWG) held meetings in Oslo from 7 to 10 April. The WADA- AIC Working Group met on 11 April and the WADA ISL Assessor Training course was held on 10 April in Montreux, Switzerland.

The 2014 mid-year meetings will be held from 23 – 29 April 2014 and the location is the same as for 2013, which is the Le Meridien Park Hotel in Frankfurt, Germany.  The meeting website is now available for members to register and make accommodation bookings (click here). The ILAC Inspection Committee (IC), Arrangement Management Committee (AMC), the joint meeting of the ILAC and IAF management committees (JMC), ILAC Executive Committee and the joint meeting of the ILAC and IAF Executives (JEC) will be held during this period. 

Information about other ILAC Committee meetings can be found in the Accreditation Calendar of Events on the ILAC website under the Events tab. 

The annual meetings for 2014 are being hosted by NSC Thailand in collaboration with the Thai Industrial Standards Institute (TISI ONAC), Department of Medical Sciences (DMSc) and Department of Science Service (DSS), in Bangkok, Thailand. The dates have been confirmed as 8 – 17 October 2014.

ILAC Membership

ILAC membership as at 7 April 2014 is as follows: 

  • 85 Full Members (Signatories to the ILAC Arrangement) representing 70 economies;
  • 16 Associates representing 28 economies;
  • 18 Affiliates representing 22 economies;
  • 6 Regional Cooperation Bodies
  • 23 Stakeholders 

The ILAC membership (total 148 members) now covers a total of 112 different economies worldwide and approximately 45,000 laboratories and over 7,000 inspection bodies are accredited by the 84 ILAC Full Members (signatories to the ILAC Arrangement).

ILAC Executive 

The ILAC Executive Committee is resuming work on the revision of the ILAC Articles and Bylaws, with assistance being provided by the EA representative on the Executive Committee, Vagn Andersen, regarding the changes that EA were required to make to their rules in order to comply with current Dutch law, as ILAC will in many instances require the same changes to be made. 

The revision of the ILAC Strategic Plan is progressing in accordance with the timeframes agreed by the ILAC Executive.  The Strategic Plan Task Force has been working closely with the facilitator, Graham Talbot, and the results of this work are now included in the draft document and associated activity plan that have been distributed to the ILAC Executive Committee in preparation for the Executive Committee’s strategic planning session in Frankfurt in April. If progress continues as scheduled, a draft document will be submitted to members for a 60 day comment period in June this year. 

A new fee formula for calculating ILAC membership fees was approved by the General Assembly in October 2013 and the invoices for 2014, reflecting the agreed changes, were sent to all members on the 31 January 2014.  The General Assembly also agreed to the introduction of a $500 (AUD) application fee for new membership applications, during the Seoul meetings. 

Work continues on the registration and licensing arrangements for the ILAC MRA Mark, with some significant progress being made recently towards achieving a reliable but simplified option for the licensing process. This will also include the option to use the ILAC MRA Mark in relation to accredited inspection activities, in accordance with ILAC Resolution GA 17.13.

The ILAC and IAF Executive Committees are currently reviewing the MoU between ILAC, IAF and OIML in accordance with the commitment to review and re-sign the MoU every three years. Once the revised draft is agreed between the Executive groups of the three organisations, ILAC and IAF members will be provided with the opportunity to review the draft in the usual way.  It is proposed that the revised MoU could be signed during the IAF/ILAC Annual meetings in October 2014. 

The Adopted Resolutions of the 17th ILAC General Assembly can be downloaded from the ILAC website (click here).

ILAC Liaisons 

ILAC was again represented at a number of important meetings in late 2013 and early 2014. Meetings attended include the following: ISO CASCO Chairman’s Policy Committee (CPC), the Strategic Alliance and Regulatory Group (STAR) and the Technical Interface Group (TIG), IAF/ILAC/ISO Joint Working Group, CASCO Plenary, TC 69 and ISO/REMCO.  ILAC also participated in meetings of CCQM, the Joint Committees on Guides in Metrology (JCGM), Traceability in Laboratory Medicine (JCTLM), the Cooperation on International Traceability in Analytical Chemistry (CITAC),  meetings of the WADA Laboratory Committee and the regular March round of meetings with OIML and BIPM.  ILAC and IAF were represented at the International Committee of Legal Metrology (CIML) annual meetings in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

The ILAC and IAF Chairs also gave a presentation at the WTO/TBT workshop on 29 November 2013 which was well received by the audience in attendance.  

At the ILAC/IAF Annual meetings in Seoul, we received presentations from representatives from a number of our liaison organisations including, WADA, BIPM, ISO, IEC, UNIDO and OIML. 

In addition to the meetings noted above, the ILAC Chair will also be representing ILAC in a number of different forums throughout the first half of 2014, culminating in participation in the World Accreditation Day celebrations of five different ILAC members over a two week period. 

The Liaison information page, located in the members area of the ILAC website, continues to serve as the main repository for the reports and documents produced as part of ILAC’s liaison activity.  It has been redesigned and simplified to provide clear identification of the information available as well as details of the liaison officers and alternates for each ILAC liaison role, together with the dates of the upcoming meetings of each group.  This now provides a quick option to obtain all the pertinent information relating to a particular liaison activity in one location. 

The liaison section can be accessed via the members area of the ILAC website. (ILAC members who have not as yet sought access to the Members Area of the website can do so on-line, via the ‘Home’ page of the website). ILAC thanks all of the ILAC liaison officers, and their organisations, who volunteer their time to assist ILAC in carrying out these activities for the benefit of all ILAC members.

ILAC Secretariat  

The ILAC Secretariat commenced 2014 minus its longest serving member, Alan Squirrell.  As the majority of members will know, Alan served as the ILAC Secretary from 2001 to 2006 and as the ILAC Executive Liaison from 2007 until his retirement on 16 January 2014.  While his knowledge and humour will be greatly missed by the secretariat staff, we have many fond and funny memories from the last 13 years and we wish him all the very best as he commences his well-earned opportunity to spend some time on his many other interests. 

The ILAC Secretariat is currently staffed as follows: Annette Dever, Sharon Kelly, Rana Baleh, Rose Bevins and Joelle Nicolas. 

A complete list of all documents, that have been (or are being) circulated to members for either comments or voting, can be obtained from the ILAC website in the Members Section under Ballots or Comments as appropriate.

Further information on ILAC can be obtained from the ILAC website, or by emailing the Secretariat on

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