EA will co-organise a round table at the 18th International Metrology Congress (CIM 2017 - Paris)

The 18th International Metrology Congress (CIM 2017), the annual meeting about R&D and best practices for measurement in industry, is organized from 19th to 21st September 2017 in Paris (France).

The event allows to:

  • improve measurement, analysis and testing processes, and control risks,
  • follow the evolution of techniques, advances in R&D and discover industrial applications
  • explore the exhibition showcasing innovations and solutions

As the official guardian of the European accreditation infrastructure, EA is a part of the organization team of this congress and has been invited to participate and facilitate the round table on “Measurement and conformity declaration: ISO 17025, what’s new?” on the 19th of September (9.00 - 11.00 am).

Expected in mid-2017, the new version of the ISO/IEC 17025 standard tries to respond to some inadequacies in the current version. One of the major changes concerns measurement uncertainty and its use in declaring compliance. This round table would be the occasion to debate on 3 topics:

  • What are the major changes in metrology?
  • What are the new decision rules for declaring compliance?
  • How should the risk approach be established?

Representatives of specifiers such as public authorities, whose influence is exerted through regulation, private-sector specifiers, who impose their own standards or specifications and users, mostly in industry (clients requiring testing, owners of measuring equipment for calibration laboratories), will be central to fuel the discussions, animated and co-organised by EA, with the participation of:

  • Trevor Thompson, Head of Operations Support, ISO WG44 BSI member for revision of 17025 (UKAS – United Kingdom) and EA Laboratory Committee Vice Chairman,
  • Pierre Claudel, Testing, Calibration and Certification Director (‎CETIAT - France),
  • François Daubenfeld, Head of Metrology (PSA Group - France), 
  • Pascal Launey, Quality director, (LNE - France),
  • Laurent Vinson, Laboratories Division Director (COFRAC - France) and EA Laboratory Committee Chairman.

To get more information about the program and register your participation, go on CIM’s website: www.cim2017.com