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Assuring Success - Reaching out to New Audiences

The publication of the new versions of the world’s most widely used management system standards – ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 – in September 2015 has provided a huge opportunity for the conformity assessment sector.

With 1.4 million current accredited certificates for these two standards, at the least, those organisations already certified need to be taken through the great benefits of these revisions. Most exciting is the opportunity to reach out to those currently either not using or unaware of these great business improvement tools.

This was one of the key drivers behind the Independent International Organisation for Certification (IIOC), an IAF Association Member, launching the Assuring Success campaign. IIOC Chief Executive Marcus Long explains, ‘The revisions to these two key International Organization for Standardization (ISO) management system standards are reasons for genuine excitement within our industry. They point to the very heart of what businesses and other organisations need to be effective and successful – risk-based thinking, leadership, supply change management, strategic environmental management, etc. We should shout from the rooftops about how we can help make them better.’

The Assuring Success campaign is one effort to talk about these great revisions. Focusing on online media and backed with social media and other tools, the campaign concentrated on the US, UK and Chinese markets. Marcus Long again, ‘It was very positive to take the message of conformity assessment out to new audiences and it was particularly encouraging to see how IAF and some of its Members realised the positive messages and shared these. The more accreditors, certifiers and standardisers can work together, the greater the chance of our messages being heard.’

On one level, the Assuring Success campaign barely scratches the surface of grasping the opportunity to take the positive messages of conformity assessment to businesses, government, consumers, and other groups. It does however provide a positive foundation for working together, always with the aim of better communicating benefits to the most important people – the users and potential users of conformity assessment.

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