EA promotes accreditation in Europe

EA promotes accreditation in Europe - main highlights


New signatories to the EA MLA

The EA Multilateral Agreement (MLA) Council, during the 39th MAC meeting last April, decided that:


Main scope:


  • DAkkS (Germany) becomes an EA MLA signatory in the field of Proficiency Testing Providers,
  • DPA (Albania), becomes an EA MLA signatory in the fields of Inspection and Management Systems Certification and remains an EA MLA signatory in the field of Testing.  


EA 41st General Assembly (16-17 May 2018, Sofia Bulgaria)

The EA General Assembly elected for the term 17 May 2018 – 31 December 2019:


  • Ignacio Pina (ENAC, Spain), as EA Chair
  • Maria Papatzikou (ESYD, Greece), as EA Vice-Chair
  • Martin Senčák (SNAS, Slovakia) as an additional member of the EA Executive Committee (EX)


The General Assembly agreed also to offer the status of Recognized Stakeholders to IFS (International Featured Standards) Management GmbH, in accordance with EA-1/15 A: 2014 - EA Policy for Relations with Stakeholders.


The General Assembly, acting upon recommendation from the Executive Committee, approves that in the light of draft Article 122 ‘Scope of transition’ of the Withdrawal Agreement between the EU and UK, considering that Union law shall be applicable to and in the United Kingdom during the transition period, for the purposes of Article 5 of EA Article of Association, UKAS remains a Full member of EA until 31 December 2020.

Note: This resolution will come into effect only, if the Withdrawal Agreement between the EU and UK will be ratified.

This decision marked the willingness of EA and all its members to maintain close relationship with UKAS, while reflecting UKAS commitment to continue contributing actively to EA activities.


The General Assembly also approved to add in Article 6 of the Articles of Association a new clause with the following content:

In case that some of the criteria for countries established in 5.1 of any EA member is no longer fulfilled by reasons not attributable to the EA member, the General Assembly can decide, upon the recommendation of the Executive Committee, to maintain the current membership category of the member for a determined period of time no longer than 2 years.


Three new work items have been agreed by the General Assembly to revise:


  • EA-1/22: Procedure and Criteria for the Evaluation of Conformity Assessment Schemes by EA Accreditation Body Members,
  • EA-2/17: Document on Accreditation for Notification Purposes,
  • EA-2/15: EA Requirements for the Accreditation of Flexible Scopes.


Members were informed that the “Accreditation for Notification” (AfN) project would re-start shortly to review (new) legislations that could not be reviewed in the first stage. The project will develop under monitoring of Horizontal Harmonization Committee (HHC) and will be managed in conjunction with the revision of EA-2/17.

The General Assembly adopted 5 IAF/ILAC documents recently published by IAF/ILAC concerning Occupational Health and Safety (IAF MD 21: 2018, IAF MD 22: 2018 and IAF MD 1 (issue 2): 2018) and peer evaluation (IAF/ILAC-A2:01/2018 and IAF/ILAC-A3:01/2018)

International recognition of EA MLA for GHG Validation and Verification and Proficiency Testing Providers

EA has been successfully peer-evaluated by IAF/ILAC for extension of its MLA/MRA signatory status to accreditation of GHG Validation and Verification Bodies (EN ISO 14065) and Proficiency Testing Providers (EN ISO/IEC 17043).

Special thanks to colleagues in BELAC and RENAR who were witnessed by the ILAC/IAF evaluation team and congratulations to the EA Members and the EA Secretariat for this successful outcome. The next re-evaluation of EA by ILAC/IAF will start in December 2018!