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Recent IAF Publications

IAF has published five new documents and ten revised documents since the last edition of IAF News, including three Policy Documents, one Multilateral Recognition Arrangement (MLA) Document, two Mandatory Documents, three Informative Documents, two Procedures Documents, one Communiqué, one IAF-ILAC Joint Publication, and two Documents for General Information. IAF documents are available free of charge in the Publications area of the IAF website (

New documents:

Joint IAF-ISO Communiqué on the publication and transition of ISO 9001:2015
(October 2015)
This joint IAF-ISO Joint Communiqué confirms the formal publication date of ISO 9001:2015, and the date in which the transition of certified organisations to ISO 9001:2015 must be completed by.

IAF ID 10: 2015 Transition Planning Guidance for ISO 14001:2015
(Issue 1, issued on 27 February 2015; Application from 27 February 2015)
This document provides guidance for the transition from ISO 14001:2004 to ISO 14001:2015.

IAF ID 11:2015 Information on the Transition of Management System Accreditation to ISO/IEC 17021-1: 2015 from ISO/IEC 17021: 2011
(Issue 1, issued on 06 March 2015; Application from 06 March 2015)
This document provides information for the transition of management system accreditation from ISO/IEC 17021: 2011 to ISO/IEC 17021-1: 2015.

IAF ID 12:2015 Principles on Remote Assessment
(Issue 1, issued on 23 December 2015; application from 23 December 2015)
This document provides suggestions about how to plan, manage, and facilitate remote assessments used by Accreditation Bodies in order to complement traditional oversight techniques.

IAF/ILAC A6:02/2015 Approval Process for IAF/ILAC A-Series Documents

(25 February 2015)
This document describes the procedures to be followed in the development, approval and maintenance of IAF/ILAC A-Series documents. The date of application for this document is 25 February 2015.


Revised documents:

IAF PL 2:2015 Bylaws of the International Accreditation Forum Inc.
(Issue 7, issued on 26 November 2015; application from 26 November 2015)
This document describes the procedures to be followed in the development, approval and maintenance of IAF/ILAC A-Series documents. The date of application for this document is 25 February 2015.

IAF PL5:2014 Structure of the International Accreditation Forum Inc.
(Issue 6, issued on 05 January 2016, application from 05 January 2016)
This document details the Bylaws of the International Accreditation Forum.

IAF PL 6:2015 IAF Memorandum of Understanding
(Issue 5, issued on 04 May 2015; application from 04 May 2015)
The IAF Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) is the basic membership document of IAF. All Members of IAF are required to sign the MoU and to abide by the commitments they make in it.

IAF IAF ML 1:2016 Guidance for the Exchange of Documentation among MLA Signatories for the Assessment of Conformity Assessment Bodies
(Issue 3, issued on 08 January 2016; application from 08 January 2016)
This document describes procedures for the exchange of documentation among Accreditation Bodies that are members of the IAF MLA, where such documentation issued by the originating Accreditation Body is requested for consideration as part of assessment activities relating to the granting, maintaining, extending, reducing, suspending and withdrawing of accreditation by the receiving Accreditation Body. This document does not make it mandatory for IAF member Accreditation Bodies to exchange documents.

IAF MD 5:2015 Determination of Audit Time of Quality and Environmental Management Systems
(Issue 3, issued on 09 June 2015; Application from 09 June 2016)
This document is mandatory for the consistent application of the relevant clauses of ISO/IEC 17021-1 for audits of quality and environmental management systems. It provides mandatory provisions and guidance for CABs to develop their own processes for determining the amount of time required for the auditing of clients of differing sizes and complexity over a broad spectrum of activities.

IAF MD 12:2016 Accreditation Assessment of Conformity Assessment Bodies with Activities in Multiple Countries
(Issue 2, issued on 07 January 2016; application from 07 January 2016)
Provides requirements for the consistent application of Clause 7 of ISO/IEC 17011 regarding an Accreditation Body (AB)'s Assessment of Conformity Assessment Bodies (CAB)'s that provide certification in countries outside the country in which their head office is located.

IAF PR 1: 2015 Procedure for the Investigation and Resolution of Complaints
(Issue 3, issued on 27 July 2015; Application from 27 July 2015)
IAF has adopted the procedure set out in this document for the investigation and resolution of complaints made to IAF. Complaints received may concern decisions and activities of IAF or IAF Members, or conformity assessment bodies (CABs) accredited by IAF Accreditation Body Members.

IAF IAF PR4: 2015 Structure of the IAF MLA and List of IAF Endorsed Normative Documents
(Issue 7, issued on 24 October 2015; Application from 24 October 2015)

Describes the structure of the IAF MLA and publishes the list of IAF endorsed normative documents, including international standards, as required by IAF PR2.

IAF Public Document Responsibility (IAF-EC-11-11 Rev9)
(26 November 2015)
Lists the IAF Main Committee responsible for each publicly available IAF document.

IAF Representatives, Liaisons, and Contacts (IAF EC-11-10 Rev. 7)
(22 November 2015)
Lists the IAF representative(s) and liaison(s) to external committees and organizations, and the contact individuals in those committees and organizations.

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