Update on the IAF Database of Accredited Certifications (IAF CertSearch)

Progress on the development of the IAF Database of Accredited Certifications (IAF CertSearch) continues, with development of the website and the all-important data collection. The IAF CertSearch platform has been built and is now receiving data from the IAF and Accreditation Bodies and is preparing to receive certification data from Certification Bodies from 21 June 2019. 


As at the 31 May 2019, 62 Accreditation Bodies have activated their accounts in IAF CertSearch and have uploaded details on 3,454 Certification Bodies. The ballot period for the IAF CertSearch Mark concludes on 07 June 2019, following which the IAF Database Management Committee plans on issuing invitations to the Certification Bodies in late June 2019. Once Certification Bodies have received their invitations they will be able to upload their certification data and extend invitations to their certified entities. The IAF Database Management Committee will hold a series of webinars to support Certification Bodies in July 2019. Accreditation Bodies will receive further information about the rollout of IAF CertSearch in June 2019, including dates for the webinars. 


IAF CertSearch continues to receive widespread support from governments, regulators and industry around the world. Once the database is live to the public an official public announcement will be made by the IAF. The announcement will include social media, awareness and promotional campaigns, beginning with industry, governments, and key stakeholders globally.