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Cofrac’s 7th Accreditation & Certifications Forum
by Yaëlle Charbit

Held in Paris on November 9th 2015, the 7th Accreditation & Certifications Forum gathered together around a hundred representatives from Certification Bodies as well as members from the Comite Francais d'Accreditation’s (Cofrac) boards. 

As an opening to this new edition of the Forum, Jean-Luc Hardy, Chairman of the Certifications section Committee, highlighted the diversity of accreditation schemes and technical domains managed by the 11 people of the small dynamic Certifications section. After a review of the various stages composing the accreditation process, the Forum mainly focused on international and national activities.

Certification and international activities

Thanks to international recognition of their activities, certification bodies accredited by Cofrac can promote their certificates abroad. In order to encourage the development of this market and standardize practices, the section is highly involved in several working groups relating to certification in the food market, to management and environmental systems at the European level, within European Cooperation for Accreditation (EA) as well as at an international level in the framework of the work done by IAF. This upstream involvement helps promote Cofrac’s experience and anticipate innovations to come while participating in improvements.

A highly involved team

The Forum represented an opportunity to come back on the close link uniting the section and public authorities. Presentation of the newest standards versions, work on decrees projects…: the exchanges were numerous in order to facilitate both the integration and deep understanding of accreditation specificities, and to appreciate the need to guarantee a reliable certification. The section also underlined the development of new accreditation schemes, current topics such as energy transition or information technologies, allowing players to adapt to evolutions and market needs. Lastly, regarding accreditation and certification reference documents, a review of transitions successfully completed was presented.

The Forum closing speech by Bernard Doroszczuk, General Director, focused on three aspects of accreditation, at the heart of Cofrac’s concerns. The service provided to stakeholders was enriched with a more effective communication notably thanks to Cofrac’s corporate page on LinkedIn as well as the more efficient search engine on its website. The forum was also the occasion to underline the simplification and improvement of current works, with the implementation of dematerialization of evaluation reports. Finally, Cofrac has the ambition to control all the risks it is exposed to: in terms of resources regarding the active search for technical assessors and the reliability of the accreditation process. Lastly, Bernard Doroszczuk reiterated the need to promote accreditation for the benefit of certification bodies and their clients.

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