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Recent IAF Publications

IAF has published four new documents and five revised documents since the last edition of the IAF Newsletter, including two Policy Documents, two Multilateral Recognition Arrangement (MLA) Documents, two Mandatory Documents, two Documents for General Information, and one Joint IEC-ILAC-IAF document. One document has also been withdrawn during this time. IAF documents are available free of charge in the Publications area of the IAF website (


New documents:

IAF PL 8:2016 Rules for the Use of the IAF Logo
(Issue 1, Version 2, issued on 12 April 2016; application from 12 April 2016)
This document sets out the rules for the use of the IAF Logo (as opposed to the IAF MLA Mark).

IAF MD 19:2016 IAF Mandatory Document For The Audit and Certification of a Management System operated by a Multi-Site Organization (where application of site sampling is not appropriate)
(Issue 1, issued on 31 March 2016; application from 31 March 2017)
This document is mandatory for Certification Bodies (CBs) of Management Systems for the consistent application of Clause(s) 8.2 and 9 of ISO/IEC 17021-1: 2015, for all situations involving the audit and certification of Management Systems operated by organizations with a network of sites where application of site sampling is not appropriate.

IAF MD 20:2016 Generic Competence for AB Assessors: Application to ISO/IEC 17011
(Issue 1, issued on 25 May 2016; application from 25 May 2018)
This document ensures the consistent and harmonized application of ISO/IEC 17011 for defining the generic competence for assessors.

IECEE-ILAC-IAF Guidance for the Conduct of Unified Assessments in the Electrotechnical Sector
(April 2016)
The purpose of this document is to provide the basic background and guidance on how unified assessments are prepared, conducted and completed.

Revised documents:

IAF PL 6:2016 IAF Memorandum of Understanding
(Issue 6, issued on 26 February 2016; application from 26 February 2016)
The IAF Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) is the basic membership document of IAF. All Members of IAF are required to sign the MoU and to abide by the commitments they make in it.

IAF ML 2:2016 General Principles on the Use of the IAF MLA Mark
(Issue 3, issued on 11 May 2016; application from 11 May 2016)
This document describes principles on the use of the IAF MLA Mark by signatories of the IAF MLA and by CABs accredited by IAF MLA accreditation body signatories.

IAF ML 4:2016 Policies and Procedures for a MLA on the Level of Single Accreditation Bodies and on the Level of Regional Accreditation Groups
(Issue 8, issued on 11 May 2016; application from 11 May 2016)
This document defines the policies and procedures that IAF will use to maintain and extend a MLA among both AB Members and Regional Accreditation Group Members which operate a MLA. It also provides the text of the IAF MLA for signature by individual Accreditation Bodies and Recognised Regional Accreditation Groups when they join the MLA.

IAF Public Document Responsibility (IAF-EC-11-11 Rev10)
(15 May 2016)
Lists the IAF Main Committee responsible for each publicly available IAF document.

IAF Representatives, Liaisons, and Contacts (IAF EC-11-10 Rev. 8)
(15 May 2016)
Lists the IAF representative(s) and liaison(s) to external committees and organizations, and the contact individuals in those committees and organizations.


Withdrawn documents:

1. IAF Governance Document - IAF Charter (2001)
It was agreed by the IAF Executive Committee during their Frankfurt 2016 meeting that this document be withdrawn, as it is now obsolete.

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