From the Secretariat
Recent IAF Publications

IAF has published eight new and revised publicly available documents since the last edition of the IAF Newsletter. IAF documents are available free of charge in the Publications area of the IAF website.

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Secretariat Report

Membership continues to grow at an impressive rate. The number of IAF MoU members now totals 111, with 84 Accreditation Body Members, 21 Association Members, and six Regional Accreditation Group Members.

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Videos from the 2019 IAF-ILAC Mid-Term Meetings

IAF and ILAC held their 2019 Mid-term meetings in Mexico City, Mexico from 04 – 11 April 2019. A set of videos was produced during the meetings detailing key outcomes of select IAF Committees and Working Groups, along with messages from the Chairs & Representatives of the Regional Accreditation Groups.


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