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CASCO holds its 31st Plenary and workshop in Dubai

During the week of 2nd May 2016, about 100 delegates, representing 57 member bodies and organizations in liaison, gathered in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE), for the 31st CASCO plenary and workshop on stakeholders' engagement.

The plenary started with the presentations of the working groups' (WGs) Conveners who provided detailed reports on the standards that have been developed or revised over the last year. The second plenary day was dedicated to the presentation of the working documents, reports from liaisons and CASCO resolutions. One of the resolutions requested that the CASCO Secretariat launch a New Work Item Proposal (NWIP) to develop a document for validation and verification bodies.

The CASCO workshop on stakeholder engagement closed off the plenary week and allowed for exchange of experience and good practices from various geographical regions and organizations. The speakers and participants highlighted the importance of robust process discipline and use of new technologies to engage national stakeholders in the standards development process, as well as the challenge to ensure and maintain a balanced representation. All participants acknowledged that learning from each other was one of the key tools to overcome challenges and continually improve national practices.

The next CASCO plenary will be hosted by Standards Council of Canada (SCC) from 26-28 April 2017 in Vancouver, Canada.

What's new in CASCO working groups?

2016 has been an important year in terms of technical work for CASCO, with eight active WGs and key CASCO standards under revision. Among them is ISO/IEC 17011, setting the general requirements for accreditation bodies. The WG42 met beginning of June to address the comments received on CD2 and moved the document to the Draft International Standard (DIS) stage. ISO/IEC 17025, setting the competence requirements for testing and calibration laboratories, is another key CASCO standard undergoing revision. The ballot on CD2 closed in May and the draft was approved with 96% of positive votes from CASCO members. The experts are meeting in September to address the comments and move the document to the next development stage.

Two competence requirements documents, both developed as Technical Specifications (TS) are being revised and transformed into International Standards (IS). ISO/IEC 17021-2, setting the competence requirements for auditing and certification of environmental management systems, and ISO/IEC 17021-3, defining specific competence requirements for auditing and certification of quality management systems, both reached the Draft International Standard (DIS) stage.     

CASCO has been approached by two ISO Project Committees (PCs) to developed specific auditor competence requirements for anti-bribery and occupational health and safety management systems. Respectively developed by JWG47 and JWG 48, ISO/IEC TS 17021-9 reached the Draft Technical Specification (DTS) stage and will be published along with ISO 37001 this year. The JWG48 produced a Working Draft (WD) and will meet again in autumn to move WD ISO/IEC 17021-10 to the next stage.   

WG45, developing ISO/IEC TR 17028, Example of a certification scheme for services, is meeting 27-29 September in Shanghai to address the WD comments and move the document further. 

ISO/DIS 17034, which sets the requirements for the competence of reference material producers, is at Final Draft International Standard (FDIS) stage and will be published by the end of 2016.

The revision of ISO 19011, Guidelines for auditing management systems, will be carried out in a joint working group with CASCO and under PC302 lead. A call for experts has been launched by CASCO and experts interested in contributing to this work are encouraged to do so by contacting their national CASCO member.

CASCO launched a NWIP to develop ISO/IEC 17029 Conformity assessment – General requirements for bodies performing validation and verification activities. The ballot closes on the 26 August 2016 and should the NWIP be accepted, the WG46, that initially did the research work on validation and verification, will be in charge of this work and a call for experts will be launched.

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