Medappcare, the First European Certification Body to be Accredited in the Mobile Health Sector

Certification of mobile health apps and websites is a new Cofrac* accreditation scheme and the first of its kind in Europe. It constitutes a perfect demonstration of how accreditation can respond to the need for trust inherent in the development of new digital technologies.


Digital technology is a booming and pioneering sector. As a consequence, Cofrac receives many accreditation requests from its operators and has recently established new accreditation programs for the certification of cloud computing services providers and personal healthcare data hosts.


Increasingly, Certification Bodies take the initiative to contact Cofrac in order to get accredited according to their own reference documents, usually with specific requirements from their business sector. This is the case of the Certification Body Medappcare**.


Medappcare assesses and certifies mobile health apps and websites in the areas of healthcare, disabilities, autonomy loss and animal health. It also offers training for healthcare professionals and companies about issues in the mobile health sector.


For its certification activity, Medappcare developed the « Certilife » brand which relies on a reference document built around four topics closely related to its business needs:

  • Content and ergonomics
  • Legal subject
  • Digital security
  • Healthcare, disabilities, loss of autonomy and animal health.

To go further in its quality approach, Medappcare chose to be accredited by Cofrac at the end of 2017. A new accreditation program was developed according to the NF EN ISO/IEC 17065 standard regarding products, services, and processes certification – and Medappcare’s reference document about health apps. Cofrac assessed Medappcare and accredited it in 2018.


This recent accreditation illustrates Cofrac’s dynamism in developing new accreditation schemes. With the current market needs in areas such as object connectivity or electronic signature, without a doubt, new digital developments will follow in the coming months.



* The French accreditation committee (Cofrac).

** Accreditation 5-0598; a detailed list is available at