Feedback on the 35th EA Certification Committee meeting

Feedback on the 35th EA Certification Committee meeting (14-15 March 2018 in Windsor, UK)

EA Strategy 2025 and the “One Voice Concept”: CC members agreed to reinforce the approach have advanced and proactive discussions regarding the draft of IAF documents and how to elaborate and express an EA consensual opinion on the international arena.

Revision of EA-2/17 EA Document on Accreditation for Notification Purposes: to follow the decision of the EA HHC to revise EA-2/17 to consider how to better implement the document, the EACC decided that the HHC revision should be fed into by EACC since the “preferred standard” and “One + 1” approaches are much targeted at certification (ISO/IEC 17065 versus ISO/IEC 17021, for instance).

GNB (Group of Notified Bodies) and CPR (Construction Products Regulation): Invited by the EACC Chair to attend the meeting, Yannick Le Tallec from Efectis, president of AG/GNB-CPR, presented the outcome of a survey on notification issues relating to CPR, answered by about 60 Notified Bodies established in 16 Member States. Accreditation has been made mandatory in 15 out of these 16 countries. CC Members were invited to send any comment or question to Chair, who will forward them to Yannick Le Tallec and also will discuss them with the HHC Chair.

Certification for the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation): As GDPR raises many issues relating to NABs’ reporting, the EA CC Chair discussed with the EA Executive Committee whether to consider improving the legibility of the subject through EA guidelines or legal advice on GDPR implementation. At its May meeting, the EA Executive Committee resolved to consult an expert. A project will be monitored by the EA Secretariat.


Possible TFG (or WG) on information security and data protection certification standards: Most CC Members show very strong support for having a new EACC WG that covers IT and Data Security standards and legislation (ISO 20000; ISO 27000; GDPR certification; eIDAS certification (including ETSI), etc.). CC agreed to develop the idea fully before putting forward a proposal, and to establish a small TFG to explore the issue further and develop draft Terms of Reference, work programme and other related documents.


ISO/IEC 17029 Conformity Assessment -- General requirements for bodies performing validation and verification activities: the new ISO 17029 is being drafted by CASCO WG 46 with the aim to provide validation and verification as a whole at IAF MLA Level 3. This item will be followed up at the next CC meeting in September. Training activities will be also discussed.


This 2-days meeting was also the occasion to discuss the following items through EACC strategic workshops:


Guidance document for selection of Conformity Assessment standards: a document has been drafted by the TFG (RvA, UKAS, PEFC Council) convened by Casper van Erp (RvA, The Netherlands) and sent out for CC comments by 30 May 2018.


Harmonisation of Management System Certification Scoping: Steve Randall (UKAS, UK) will convene the TFG whose membership was confirmed at the meeting.


The next CC meeting will take place on 11-12 September 2018 in Warsaw and will be hosted by PCA (Poland).