Strengthening the Philippine Quality Infrastructure through Cooperation within the NQI Network

The Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) is committed to strengthening the national quality infrastructure (NQI) in the Philippines through collaboration with other government agencies as embodied in the Philippine Development Plan which states that “The government shall set up a National Quality Infrastructure to integrate and coordinate series of activities involving metrology, standardization, testing, and accreditation and certification”.  


The DTI‘s Bureau of Philippine Standards and the Philippine Accreditation Bureau (PAB) are responsible for standardization and accreditation respectively while the Department of Science and Technology’s National Metrology Laboratory is responsible for metrology.


In harmonizing the NQI, increased coordination among government agencies is seen to reduce redundant requirements which entail additional time and costs. Rationalization of government processes encourages their clientele to seek higher levels of quality on products and services and go beyond compliance with regulations.


As the National Accreditation Body, the DTI-PAB accredits inspection body, certifying body, testing and calibration laboratories and other bodies offering conformity assessment services which manufacturers and traders rely on to ensure that their products and services are safe and of quality.


DTI-PAB’s work is guided by the PAB Council, which is chaired by the DTI, composed of members from seven (7) government agencies and three (3) from the private sector, and meets at least twice a year. The meetings serve as a venue for promoting the use of accredited services for quality assurance in industry sectors among members.


An offshoot of the 10th PAB Council meeting is a meeting of officials and staff of the DTI-PAB and the Department of Health (DOH) to discuss the streamlining of conformity assessment services for health goods and services. The DTI-DOH meeting hopes to assist their clientele in complying with regulations while enabling them to address the quality standards desired for their products and services.  Both agencies agreed to work out the details of the collaboration. 


The initiative with DOH is just one of the many steps that DTI-PAB will undertake in strengthening and harmonizing the NQI to develop the nation’s capabilities in manufacturing and trade based on internationally accepted standards to increase the competitiveness of Philippine goods and services.  


In the past, DTI-PAB has entered into collaborative arrangements with some government agencies:  the Department of Agriculture - Bureau of Agriculture and Fisheries Standards in the joint assessment of Organic Certification Bodies; Department of Health - Food and Drug Administration requirement of PAB accreditation prior to their recognition of private testing laboratories, and Center for Device Regulation, Radiation Health and Research requirement on inspection of imaging machines by accredited inspection bodies. In addition, the Department of Budget and Management and Maritime Industry Authority require that their clients and stakeholders seek management system certification from PAB accredited certification bodies.


PAB hopes to work with more regulatory bodies to harmonize the quality infrastructure in developing industries, facilitating trade and increasing consumer welfare to accelerate economic development and improve the quality of life of Filipinos.


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10th PAB Council Meeting chaired by DTI-IDTPG Undersecretary Ceferino S. Rodolfo held on 26 July 2018 in Makati City, Philippines