News from IAAC

Recent IAAC Meetings

IAAC held its beginning of the year meetings in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in March 2019.  There was a good turnout of members which allowed for fruitful discussions. 


The IAAC Executive Committee brainstormed ideas for a new IAAC Strategic Plan encompassing the 2020-2025 term. A SWOT analysis was drafted, and further discussions will take place during the next IAAC meetings.  The Executive Committee will ensure that the path forward at the regional level is in line with strategic objectives at the IAF and ILAC levels. 


The IAAC MLA Committee agreed on the criteria and methodologies to carry out documentary evaluations to confirm compliance with ISO/IEC 17011:2017.  These evaluations apply to those Accreditation Bodies that will not have an on-site peer evaluation by March 2020. An IAAC document was drafted to provide guidance on IAF/ILAC A3 for transitions to ISO/IEC 17011:2017, classification of findings, the competence of personnel, evaluation of risks, and the accreditation cycle.


IAAC Members


IAAC Presence at IAF/ILAC Meetings

In April of this year, the IAF and ILAC Mid-Term meetings were held in the Americas. The Mexican Accreditation Body, ema, hosted the meetings in Mexico City.  A significant number of IAAC members attended and contributed to the technical discussions in the various Committees and Workshops. 


During these meetings, IAAC members recorded the audio in Spanish and Portuguese for the 2019 World Accreditation Day video. The videos were designed and produced in house by the IAF/ILAC and CMC/MCC and are available to the public via YouTube and on the IAAC, IAF, and ILAC websites. 


Martha Mejia from ema, Mexico, was appointed as the ILAC Co-Convener of the JWG A-series.


IAAC Membership

IAAC currently has a total of 59 members, 24 of which are Full members, four are Associate members, and 31 are Stakeholders.  IAAC gained one new Stakeholder member since last year.


New IAAC MLA Signatories

IAAC has a total of 20 MLA signatory members from 17 economies. In March 2019, four IAAC MLA signatories extended their MLA scopes and sub-scopes. 

The Mexican Accreditation Body (ema) was accepted as an MLA signatory for Persons and Energy Management Systems Certification Bodies.  We congratulate ema for being the first IAAC MLA signatory in the region for the scope of Persons. 


ANSI National Accreditation Board (ANAB) of USA, was accepted as an MLA signatory for Medical Laboratories.


The Argentine Accreditation Body (OAA) was accepted as an MLA signatory for Food Safety Management Systems (FSMS) Certification Bodies. 


The Standards Council of Canada (SCC) was accepted as an MLA signatory for the scopes of Energy Management Systems (EnMS), Food Safety Management Systems (FSMS), and Medical Devices Management Systems (MDMS) Certification Bodies.



During March of this year, IAAC carried out a training workshop for experienced peer evaluators on ISO/IEC 17011:2017 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.  There were 38 peer evaluators from the region, and an additional 13 peer evaluators attended online. 


A workshop to train new peer evaluators is scheduled for 12 – 13 August 2019, in Mexico City, at the beginning of IAAC’s annual week of meetings.  The workshop will be held in Spanish and there will be an online connection for those who will not be able to attend.



IAAC Peer Evaluators’ Workshop


Upcoming IAAC Meetings

The next IAAC General Assembly meetings will be held in Mexico City, Mexico, from 14 to 20 August 2019.  The Mexican Accreditation Body (ema) will host this year’s meetings.