IAF Participates in the 5th Annual Meeting of IOs

Xiao Jianhua (IAF Chair) and Elva Nilsen (IAF Secretary) attended the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)'s 5th Annual Meeting of International Organisations (IOs) in April 2018, continuing the involvement of IAF in the IO partnership for effective international rule-making. Topics of discussion included the core focuses of the IO partnership, progress since the last meeting, recent developments in international standard-setting, ways in which the IO partnership can support the global agenda, and a further development of draft survey on IO rule-making.

The finalized survey will include questions about the variety of international instruments used by IOs, the implementation of international instruments, IO stakeholder engagement practices, evaluation practices of IOs on the use and impact of their international instruments, and instruments and practices in support of coordination across IOs. It is intended that the survey be distributed in May 2018, with the final results released in April 2019.

More information about the IO partnership is available here.


From left to right: Etty Feller (ILAC Vice-Chair), Aik Hoe Lim (Director, Trade and Environment Division, WTO), Devin McDaniels (Economic Affairs Officer, Trade and Environment Division, WTO), Xiao Jianhua (IAF Chair)