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World Accreditation Day - June 9th 2012
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Medical Device Regulators show an interest in IAF based accreditation for ISO 13485
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Poland (PCA) kicks off its World Accreditation Day activities
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Mauritas provides Food Safety and Information Security Accreditation workshops

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Poland (PCA) kicks off its World Accreditation Day activities

The Polish Centre for Accreditation delivered a seminar for participants and guests of the 14th International Trade Fair of Analytical, Measurement and Control Technology, EuroLab 2012, representing large, leading laboratories and manufacturers of test equipment. PCA has also organized seminars at the previous years’ Trade Fairs.

In her opening speech, Ms Lucyna Olborska, Deputy Director of Polish Centre for Accreditation, emphasised that PCA personnel, in accordance with the theme of this year’s World Accreditation Day 2012 “Accreditation: Supporting safe food and clean drinking water” announced by ILAC and IAF, had developed the focus for the seminar.

The two-hour seminar encompassed four lectures. The first lecture covered the accreditation of testing laboratories and product and management system certification bodies carrying out activities relevant to food and drinking water. It highlighted the significance of the EA MLA and ILAC MRA, to which PCA is a signatory, in supporting confidence and acceptance of the accredited results of certification, inspection, calibration and testing. In the lecture, certain provisions of Regulation (EC) No 765/2008 of the European Parliament and of the Council were recollected to point out the accreditation activities related to market surveillance.

The second lecture concerned the technical competence of the accredited laboratories testing food and drinking water, and the next one covered the accreditation of food and drinking water testing (GMO testing, sensory testing, the flexible scope of accreditation, the reference and designated methods) and the activities aimed at the harmonization of the assessment of the competence.

The final lecture of the seminar provided an overview of the activity of the accredited certification bodies in the following areas related to food:

1)      organic farming,

2)      traditional and regional products,

3)      agricultural and food products – certification of compliance,

4)      FSMS in accordance with PN-EN ISO 22000.

It also gave information on the participation of the certification bodies in the assessment of the compliance of food products according to private certification scheme BRC Global Standard for Food Safety as well as two new schemes; QAFP (Quality Assurance for Food Products) and QMP (Quality Meat Program).

The seminar overheads are available on the PCA website:

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