The Global Food Safety Initiative Holds 18th Annual Conference in France

The Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI), part of The Consumer Goods Forum, invites IAF members to join the 2019 edition of the GFSI Conference, which will take place from 25 – 28 February 2019 at the Acropolis Convention Center in Nice, France. The conference will be centered around the theme of Emerging Challenges and the Future of Food Safety, a cluster of topics broadly relevant to members of accreditation bodies and other IAF stakeholders.


IAF members will find much to interest them in the conference programme, released earlier this month on the GFSI website. Certification is a key thread of the conference, woven throughout numerous talks and panel discussions by renowned experts and academics, CEOs, public authorities, industry leaders, innovators and grassroots players. The breakouts, relatively informal sessions that take a focused look at salient topics in food safety, are especially concerned with the real-world benefits of accredited certification.


Delegates from accrediting organisations may be interested in the breakout session titled ‘How Third-Party Certification Supports Trade Harmonisation,’ in which leaders from regulatory agencies based in nearly every continent will discuss the role third-party certification can play in facilitating public-private collaboration and enhancing global trade. Those with a particular interest in GFSI’s central role in the global status of accredited certification will benefit from the session titled ‘Finger on the Pulse of Certification,’ which will allow board members and stakeholders to take stock of GFSI’s catalysing effect on the growth of certification.


GFSI’s ties with IAF run deep; in April 2018, the two organisations established an official partnership to formalise a relationship that began years before. As allies in the mission to promote accreditation, GFSI and IAF work together towards the common goal of enhancing trade through cohesive, accessible certification programmes that are accepted around the world. The GFSI Conference is therefore the ideal forum for IAF members, including representatives from accrediting bodies and regional accreditation groups, to share their experience in the field with a group of like-minded peers eager to learn from their insights.


The conference also serves as an invaluable opportunity to catch up with key stakeholders, including leaders from the many multinational food corporations that will be present among the delegates, against the charming background of the French Riviera. The dedicated networking sessions that punctuate the conference, from inter-plenary coffee breaks to an official reception, provide a platform for strengthening established connections and laying the groundwork for new ones.


Time is running out to secure a spot at GFSI 2019 in sunny Nice. Visit The Consumer Goods Forum website to register and join the world’s largest collaborative conversation on advancement in food safety certification.


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