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18th PAC Plenary meeting to be held in the Philippines
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New edition of ISO/IEC 17021 published on 1 February 2011
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18th PAC Plenary meeting to be held in the Philippines
The 18thPlenary Meeting of the Pacific Accreditation Cooperation (PAC) will be held in the City of Manila, Philippines on 11-18 June 2011.  The venue of the meetings will be the historic Manila Hotel. Hosting the meeting for the first time is the Philippine Accreditation Office (PAO), with its Officer-in-Charge Jaime Lasaro L. Olmos overseeing the preparations for the hosting event since October of last year.

“We welcome all delegates and guests to the PAC annual meetings and at the same time to experience the warm hospitality of our country,” Olmos said. The week-long program of activities is listed at the end of this article.

“We thought that The Manila Hotel would be a perfect venue for the PAC Plenary Meeting as the Hotel embodies a rich Filipino tradition and hospitality that will make the delegates’ stay in Manila memorable,” Olmos mused.  The likes of Ernest Hemmingway, Muhammad Ali, the Beatles and Bob Hope, Presidents Dwight D. Eisenhower and Lyndon B. Johnson, among others, were listed in the guest register of the hotel.

Ms. Belinda Mort, PAC Secretary, got a glimpse of the preparations for the meeting and discussed with Olmos and his staff further details of the event when she visited the Philippines on 1-3 February.  “It was a truly helpful visit we got from Belinda which gave us an opportunity to evaluate what we have done so far and go through the other details of the event,” Olmos said.

Some brief information about the Philippines—at the time of the meeting, it will be  held during the rainy season (but with climate change, who knows what to expect during that month!).  The currency used is the Philippine Peso (PHP) and the centavo. 100 centavos equal to a Peso. Bill denominations are in 20, 50, 100, 500 and 1,000 Pesos.  Foreign currency may be exchanged at hotels and in most large department stores and authorized money changing shops.  The English language is widely used and understood in the country.  Philippine food has influences of Chinese; Spanish and Mexican; and other global influences such as French, Italian, Middle Eastern, Japanese, Thai, and Vietnamese, among others.

The delegates to the 18th Plenary Meeting may now access the PAC 2011 website to register and book accommodation at: .

For enquiries, emails can be sent to the PAC Secretary at  or to the PAO at

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