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DAK continues to make progress
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DAK continues to make progress

Although the Accreditation Directorate of Kosovo (DAK) is the newest accreditation body in the Balkan Region, it has made remarkable progress in the field of conformity assessment. This has been reflected by the European Commission on its reports on Kosovo.

The objective for DAK for accreditated certificates and testing reports to become internationally recognised. To make this happen, DAK has established its Quality Management System for accreditation to SK EN ISO/IEC 17011 standard, as well as according to relevant European and International standards and Kosovo’s country policy.

DAK has focused on establishing comprehensive accreditation schemes, including for testing and calibration laboratories, as well as supporting development of inspection bodies. 

The harmonization of the legal and regulatory framework of the Republic of Kosovo with that of the European Union regarding accreditation is considered as another achievement in 2010. The Accreditation law No. 03/L-069, which came into effect on 1 January 2010, has been harmonized with EU Regulation No.765/2008 of the European Commission.

With major efforts during 2009, DAK has signed a cooperation agreement with the EA. It is also important to mention that in 2010, DAK became a Member of IAF and an Associate Member of ILAC.

DAK has paid a lot of attention to the regional cooperation and has established good relations with all regional bodies. Until now, DAK has signed Memorandum of Understandings with the national accreditation bodies: Albania, Macedonia, Croatia and Turkey. 

DAK has accredited fifteen testing laboratories and one inspection body. A further seven testing laboratories are also going through the accreditation process.

Looking ahead to 2011, DAK will continue to carry out its mandate. Its aim is to sign the EA MLA as soon as possible. DAK applied to EA to join the EA MLA for testing on November 2010 and a pre-evaluation is scheduled for May 2011.

Ibush LuzhaMsc.Ibush Luzha, Director of Kosovo Accreditation Directorate

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