Contract Signed for IAF Database

01 May 2018 saw a significant step forward with the signing of the contract between the IAF Database LLC and the database provider Quality Trade.


Since the IAF General Assembly approved the creation of the database of accredited management system certificates in October 2017, the IAF Database Management Committee (DMC) has been in negotiation with Quality Trade to develop a contract that serves the needs of IAF, its accreditation body members, certification bodies accredited by IAF members, and their certified entities.


The guiding principles for this contract have always been the 14 principles developed with consultation with all IAF members. One of the fundamental principles has been the delivery of a self-funding database. This will be achieved by the development of the IAF database and linked to it, the invitation to all accredited certified entities to have their details on the voluntary Quality Trade Marketplace.


The Marketplace is exclusive to certified entities who hold a valid management system certificate from a certification body accredited by an IAF member AB.


IAF DMC Chair Randy Dougherty states, ‘The IAF database will provide the most significant manifestation of accredited management system certification ever seen. It will help all stakeholders check the authenticity of an organisation’s certificate’.


Quality Trade Managing Director Nigel Johnston adds, ‘Not only is the IAF database a game-changer, but the link to the MarketPlace will provide significant added value to certified entities from their accredited certification – a new way to increase their visibility and trade’.


The IAF DMC and Quality Trade will now continue their close collaboration as the IAF database and the link to the Marketplace are developed. The aim is to share with the IAF General Assembly in October 2018 the beta version of the database before fully launching it in 2019.


IAF will continue to communicate with its accreditation body members, so they can keep their accredited certification bodies informed and the CBs in turn can keep their certified entities up-to-date with this exciting development.


As work progresses on the database’s development, further information will be shared with IAF members for them to share with their stakeholders such as their accredited CBs.