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The Voice of Industry
by Sheronda Jeffries, UAC Chair

The User Advisory Committee (UAC) is comprised of industry and end-users of accredited conformity assessment, who were well represented at the IAF-ILAC Annual Meetings which occurred in Milan, Italy in October/November 2015. UAC Members in attendance included representatives from: the Bundesverband der Deutschen Industrie e.V. (BDI)/Siemens AG, the Quality Excellence for Suppliers of Telecommunications Forum represented by Cisco Systems, Global Procurement Italy (GP Italy), Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification Schemes (PEFC), GLOBALG.A.P., and the The Quality System for Feed Additives and Premixtures asbl (FAMI-QS).

At their last meeting, the UAC focused upon continuing to provide input into the implementation of the IAF Strategic Plan to assure that the voice of industry and end-users was clearly and effectively reflected. This was a follow-up from work that commenced via WebEx during the summer of 2015. The UAC identified specific Strategic Actions from the 2015-2019 Strategic Plan to support. Some of the actions agreed were that UAC Members, especially scheme owners, would collect and provide case studies and examples demonstrating the value of accreditation, along with reasons why their schemes may not have not been recognized/accepted, and examples of inconsistencies between Accreditation Bodies (ABs). Additionally, the UAC agreed to support the Communications and Marketing Committee (CMC) in producing promotional materials and to invite the IAF to attend the Feed Regulations Meeting in January 2016.  

The Milan UAC meeting was the final meeting under the leadership of Martin Stadler and Grant Ramaley as UAC Chair and Vice-Chair respectively. The new UAC Chair and Vice-Chair, Sheronda Jeffries and Emmanuel Geneiatakis, along with the Members of the UAC, thank Martin and Grant for their leadership and look forward to their continued support.

The next UAC meeting will occur via WebEx, with a face-to-face meeting at the IAF-ILAC 2016 Mid-Term meetings in Frankfurt, Germany which will be followed by a UAC reception sponsored by FAMI-QS to allow UAC Members to informally engage with IAF and ILAC leaders to discuss any concerns or issues.

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