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Q1 & Q2 2016 bring significant achievements for DAC

International Recognition

After successful peer evaluation and subsequent balloting and decision by the Pacific Accreditation Cooperation (PAC) MLA group, the Dubai Accreditation Department (DAC) became a signatory to the PAC MLA for product certification. The decision was taken by the PAC MLA group during its meeting held 15th June 2016 in Chinese Taipei. DAC is the first and only accreditation body in the Gulf region that has signed the MLA for product certification. DAC is already a signatory to the PAC and the IAF MLAs for QMS & EMS.        

The joint peer evaluation of DAC was conducted by the Pacific Accreditation Cooperation (PAC) and the Arab Accreditation Cooperation (ARAC).

DAC has completed two cycles of ILAC recognition. Its second re-evaluation for the third recognition cycle was jointly conducted by the International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation (ILAC) and the Arab Accreditation Cooperation (ARAC).

DAC management with PAC/ARAC peer evaluation team


New accreditation scheme

DAC has accredited the first lifeguards' certification body in Dubai as per international standard ISO/IEC 17024:2012. The accreditation was granted to First Security Group, Dubai. The certification scheme covers certification of pool lifeguards, shallow water lifeguards, and beach lifeguards.

Ms. Amina Ahmed Mohammed, Director of the Accreditation Department, advised that the certification scheme was launched with the collaboration of the Public Health & Safety Department of Dubai Municipality. She said that Dubai has a large number of pools in hotels, residential & sports complexes, and water parks besides vast pristine beaches. Thousands of lifeguards are working at these water facilities. The Dubai government’s intent is to provide quality of life to residents and visitors. Being the tourism hub of the region, Dubai attracts large number of tourists from around the world; the safety of residents and visitors is paramount for the Dubai Government. All lifeguards working in Dubai will be required to be certified under this scheme.


Halal accreditation

The Dubai Accreditation Department (DAC) has launched an accreditation scheme for Halal certification bodies as per UAE standard “General Requirements for Halal Certification Bodies UAE S.2055-2:2014”. The DAC has already received many applications from certification bodies based in UAE and various other countries. The document review and assessment process has already been completed for some halal accreditation bodies. The DAC halal accreditation scheme covers certification of products, management systems, testing and inspection processes.

DAC arranged a series of training sessions for DAC staff and assessors on halal accreditation. The training included class room training on UAE halal standards and witness of on-site certification assessments in abattoirs and food processing industries. Workshops on halal testing and inspection requirements of various products were conducted.

DAC also arranged a series of awareness and training seminars for halal certifiers and other stakeholders. DAC has arranged two awareness training courses in Dubai on halal certification scheme. Engineer Noaf Ahmed Al Naqbi, head of certification bodies accreditation section in DAC and Engineer Muhammad Shahid Rasool, Principal accreditation specialist, were the resource persons for the training. Delegates representing various halal certifiers from UAE, USA, Canada, UK, Spain, New Zealand, the Philippines, and the Netherlands attended the awareness training sessions.

DAC staff attending training on Halal accreditation

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