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EU Twinning Project between ACCREDIA and MOLDAC

On April 28, 2016, the closing ceremony of the Twinning Light Project (a collaboration project between ACCREDIA, the Italian Accreditation Body, and MOLDAC, the Accreditation Body of the Republic of Moldova) was held in Chișinău, Moldova, in the presence of the Vice Prime Minister of the Moldovan government, Octavian Calmic, and the diplomatic representative of the EU and of the Italian government, Ambassadors Pirkka Tapiola and Enrico Nunziata.

In 2015, ACCREDIA was awarded the “Twinning Light” project for the support of MOLDAC in preparing for the EA - the European Co-operation for Accreditation - peer evaluation. Following the successful completion of the peer evaluation, MOLDAC is now permitted to sign the EA MLA Agreement of mutual recognition whereby conformity assessments of products and services issued by conformity assessment bodies and laboratories which are accredited by MOLDAC will be recognized in the European and world markets, thereby helping the development of Moldova’s economy.

For this project, which lasted 8 months, ACCREDIA activated a major training program, with the involvement of its 3 departments: Certification and Inspection, Calibration and Testing Laboratories.

It involved nearly 20 technical experts and assessors over 140 work-days and  more than 30 trips as well as numerous joint audits and seminars together with MOLDAC personnel.

The general aim was to improve the commercial competitiveness of the Republic of Moldova and to harmonize the quality of its infrastructure through conformity to European and international standards, making a contribution to the improvement of international political, economic and commercial relations with the European Union.

ACCREDIA is involved in a number of international projects, including last year, with the support of EGAC, the Egyptian Accreditation Body, for the implementation of the accreditation infrastructure in Egypt.

ACCREDIA also collaborated with the Turkish Ministry of Labor as part of the Taiex project, the instrument of technical assistance and institution-building of the European Commission aimed at third world countries. Its objective is to provide technical assistance for the correct interpretation of EU legislation, for the implementation of EU standards and rules and for their application in terms of their respective national standards.

ACCREDIA President, Giuseppe Rossi, said, “We are very proud of having been chosen by the European Commission for this project and of being able to make our contribution to the strengthening of the Moldovan Accreditation Body, with the objective of enhancing safer international commercial ties.

This, together with other programs in which we are involved, confirms the role and the growth of ACCREDIA’s international reputation, created thanks to the competence of its staff, which has brought us to an important position in the international network of Accreditation Bodies, as can be seen with the appointment of Emanuele Riva, Director of the Department of Certification and Inspection to the position of Vice-President of IAF, and to the Executive Committee of EA.”

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